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5783 High Holy Days Registration


As the High Holy Days draw near, we give thanks to our congregants who sustain the Temple throughout the year and enable us, as a community, to reach this season of solemn prayer and renewal.  Because we do not sell tickets for the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, we are asking that all members make an effort to contribute to our Kol Nidre Appeal and to be current in their dues before the High Holy Days. We recognize that some members of our community face financial ups-and-downs, but we hope everyone will support our Temple and contribute generously to our Kol Nidre appeal.

How to Access the Services
Services will be held in-person and on Zoom. Zoom links to join will be made available after submitting this form.

Participants and Guests at High Holy Days Services
Temple Beth David welcomes and encourages guests to join us at any of our Services.  We are asking each visitor or guest to make a voluntary financial contribution for the High Holy Days. Temple Beth David would be most grateful for contributions of $200 or more per adult, to attend ALL or part of our HHD Services.  As always, all are welcome, regardless of level of contribution.  Local college students are welcome and encouraged to attend our services for free.  Please note: Current Temple Policy requires masks indoors.

Machzorim (HHD Prayer Books) and Yahrzeit Candles
High Holy Days Prayer Books (Machzorim) are available on loan from the Temple Beth David office.
A $20 Deposit is required.
Yahrzeit candles will also be available for $2 each.
Please call the office or email at and (626) 287-9994 to make arrangements for pick up.

Donate to our Kol Nidre Appeal
This year we are asking each participant and guest to make a voluntary donation to the Kol Nidre Appeal.  Many people only attend services at the High Holy Days or for major life cycle events. We hope you will remember that the Temple is open all year and your Kol Nidre Appeal donation helps to support our community throughout the year.

The Zoom link will be shared after you submit this form.
Kindly contact the Temple office by phone or email to make arrangements.

   I would like to borrow a Machzor from TBD and can pick it up.
   I would like to borrow a Machzor, but am unable to pick it up. Please deliver it to me.To follow along with services, you may wish to borrow a Machzor (High Holy Day prayerbook).  Let us know if you will need one, and if you can pick it up at the Temple office.

    We humbly request a contribution of $200 or more per adult, for non-members and guests; however, as always, we are most grateful for voluntary contributions of any size, as your circumstances allow.  All forms will be processed as submitted.
When you click 'Submit' you will be taken to our payment processing page.
Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783